We offer disability construction as well as kitchen and bathroom remodelling solutions to meet the needs of people with physical limitations so they can live independently and safely. From grab bars to whole house remodelling, we do everything to make a handicap accessible home.  If you are not sure what you need, we offer consulting and home evaluations.


Accessible kitchens

Disabled accessible kitchens are designed specifically to accommodate needs that people have. Since a person creates meals, entertains and cares for themselves or their family in the kitchen, it makes sense to pay special attention to this room to ensure a good workflow and easy access to everything you might need.

What are some examples of modifications that our Specialist could put in your home?

  • Wider door and hallways to make home accessible
  • Eliminate the step at, at least one entryway
  • Easily reachable electrical outlets and switches, and planed adequate lighting
  • Walk-in handicap showers (no curb or step)
  • Handheld, flexible shower heads, seats in showers
  • Sliding or revolving shelves for cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Lever-operated door knobs and faucets that are easy to open, turn on and off
  • Grab bars in the bathroom (including by the bathtub, shower, and toilet) Available in designer styles

These are just a few of many modifications that can make you or your loved ones living more comfortable!

Accessible bathroom

Like other accessible design, this room may be designed so it is wheelchair accessible. The overarching goals are to increase bathroom safety, and empower a person to care for themselves or be cared for.

Master suites

A master suite, which includes a larger bedroom, closet and bathroom, can make a person’s home life much easier. By combining these three areas and sizing them properly, adding the right features, you can create a much more enjoyable and easier experience for yourself.

Common areas

There are certain features you’ll want in other areas of your home to make it more accessible. In general, these may include,

  • Wider doorways.
  • Lever door handles or automatic doors
  • Wider hallways
  • More open space
  • Custom or select flooring
  • More lighting (including natural light)
  • Select home accessories
  • Exterior remodelling

Each one of our clients have a unique situation, which requires us to emphasize individualized home remodelling design. Not every contractor will put that kind of care into your home.

Luxury Kitchen & Bath has years of experience in accessible design, Universal Design and creative design for disabled accessibility remodelling.

Contact us today for more information and unique plan about your home.

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